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Wow a month has almost gone by since my last post.  There is lots to catch up on!  I have since finished round three and four of my chemo regiment and let me say they were not without hiccups along the way.  Round three was really tough for me, the nausea was horrible.  I felt like I was pregnant all over again with that need to eat all the time yet nothing would satisfy that feeling of needing to almost throw up....yet no baby in the end, bummer...!  I also had to go to the ER due to my hands, feet, face, and eyes swelling up.  They gave me a CT to rule out a very rare and serious complication with the port and  blood clots.  The scans came back clear and my oncologist said that it was likely an allergic reaction so he put me on steroids and benedryl and that did the trick.  For round four I got on top of the nausea and started taking the nausea meds before I felt sick and yes!  No nausea.  I though again was rushed to the ER one night when my throat started to swell shut, that was a